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WILLIAMSON COUNTY DOWNLOAD - New Developments You Haven't Seen

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Join SOAR and Guest Speaker SCOTT HINES to discover the new developments coming to WILLIAMSON COUNTY that you probably don't know about yet.

About this event

Guest Speaker Scott Hines has been preparing, compiling, researching and digging through permits and conversations for all of the new developments that are coming to Williamson County that you probably don't even know about yet as a licensed real estate agent!


This will not* be* individual property specific. This will be DEVELOPMENT specific with information on builders, developers and the like so that you can get ahead of the curve ball and help your buyers be more well equipped!

HOW TO MAKE MONEY with a Commercial Broker

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Come Join Us at SOAR as Jana Truman teaches residential real estate agents how to make money through a commercial broker in 3 different ways WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR EXISTING BROKERAGE:

1) Referrals that stay yours. Yes, really.

2) Training

3) Building Your OWN Wealth


***THIS EVENT WILL BE ON ZOOM*** While this particular training is geared more for residential real estate agents...this event is also* open* to the general public for anyone who would like to learn more about building your own wealth through commercial real estate. This is highly valuable information. We especially recommend college students to join us!





Jana Truman is Managing Broker and Investment Advisor with Accel Commercial Real Estate, part of the Accel Group of businesses, partnering with investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional wealth through the acquisition, disposition and long-term strategies of commercial real estate.


After working for a decade and a half as a marketing and advertising professional for many well-known brands and start-ups, Jana worked doing commercial real estate appraising, starting in 2011, appraising all types of commercial real estate across all classes in the state of Tennessee, which now gives her investor clients the invaluable benefits of her valuation experience.

In 2014, she decided real estate was her passion, she added a focus to commercial real estate advisement, presently as managing broker for her own brokerage. She and her husband also also own Accel Exit Advisors, a business brokerage. Her real estate team consists of educated and dedicated brokers, each with specialties and a great operations team. She teaches classes and gives speeches on commercial real estate on a regular basis to associations, non-profits, investors and other agents.


In her spare time, she wanders Tennessee with her husband of 30+ years, looking at properties, talking about technology with her four grown sons, soaking up as much continuing education as she can, volunteering in her community, helping others succeed in business. She is addicted to foreign language films. She and her husband/partner, Brian Truman, have lived in Middle Tennessee since 2006.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING - Keynote Speaker Bruce McNeilage

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SOAR EVENT: AFFORDABLE HOUSING with Keynote Speaker Bruce McNeilage

Bruce talked with SOAR about:

  • Affordable Housing in Middle Tennessee
  • The Build-To-RENT Housing Sector
  • Followed by Open Forum Q&A

It was hot topic as numerous Nashvillians and residents of the surrounding areas are being phased out of affordability in their own home towns as the cost of living continues to rise in Middle TN. Meanwhile, the Build-To-Rent market sector is bringing affordability and accessibility like never before to make home ownership a reality.

The PURPOSE BUILT REAL ESTATE AGENT with Best Selling Author Phillip Duncan

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SOAR Event: THE PURPOSE-BUILT REAL ESTATE AGENT with Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker, Phillip J. Duncan

SOAR Event: THE PURPOSE-BUILT REAL ESTATE AGENT with Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker, Phillip J. Duncan.

Key Topics Included:

  • Movement, Momentum, & Motivation
  • Preference vs. Purpose
  • Identifying the Non-Negotiables,Personally & Professionally knowing Me, Knowing You | Emotional Intelligence

Testimonial about Phillip Duncan: He is a Champion Maker. He has a unique gift to take ordinary human beings and speak such life into them that they transform almost instantly. He has a talent for taking excellent care to turn shortcomings into greatness. I can personally attest of his gifts that bring transformation and inspiration in my own life, personally and professionally. Take a look at his bio and media page which we have included as part of the photos associated with this event. ~Christina Livingston, Founder of SOAR | Strengthening Opportunities Around Real Estate.

What His Book is All About: Insperience. Customer experience is wholly dependent upon it. Revenue charts mirror its rise and fall. It is the key factor to minimizing employee turnover and associated costs. Insperience is an internal movement to create a positive atmosphere that manifests through employee loyalty, happiness, and productivity. Before there can be an exceptional, repeatable Customer Experience there must be an exceptional, consistent Insperience. Beyond traditional employee engagement, Insperience is a fundamental principle. You can’t pour out onto your clients what you haven’t first poured into your team.~Brian Church   

HIGH TECH REAL ESTATE AGENT with Keynote Speaker Daniel Askew

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Modern day tech guru, Daniel Askew spoke to SOAR attendees. He gave an in depth look at how modern real estate agents are using artificial intelligence and a variety of platforms to expand their business.  

SOAR Presents: Operating in Nashville's New Normal with Keynote Speaker Don Day

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Local Top Producer and Real Estate Agent Coach, Don Day spoke to SOAR Attendees about 

*Learn the 12 Factors of a Normal Market
*Solutions to challenges of the current Nashville market changes
*How To master your process to drive success in this NEW NORMAL. 

WCAR Circle of Excellence Awards

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WCAR Circle of Excellence Awards for 2018 took place on Friday, February 8th, 2019 at the Cool Springs Marriott. This is a video from the Red Carpet Sponsorship provided by SOAR - Strengthening Opportunities Around Real Estate and LeaderOne Financial Corp - Christina Livingston, Area Manager. Christina has since made a change and is now the Sales Manager for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp in downtown Nashville, TN. 

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